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These days, it is all about health, wellness, and reversing diabetes with all things herbal and natural. Take for instance the fresh approach in how to balance sugar level without giving up the foods and only with the help of a completely natural sugar balance herbal supplement. Just what you have been looking for! Experts agree Sugar Balance provides the best way to solve the root cause of diabetes. Hands Down! We have reviewed Sugar Balance below so our readers can make an informed decision. It’s a long review, please read through it properly before making your decision!

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This Miracle Sugar Balance Supplement Will Treat The Root Cause Of Diabetes in Just Days!

What You Must Know About Sugar Balance in 2021

It’s never been easier to balance sugar levels and reverse diabetes if you don’t know the secret. A rare opportunity to learn the secret is from the experts- Dr. David Pearson, the creator of Sugar Balance by Proven Health labs, the talk-of-the-town sugar balance Dr. Vanessa’s or perhaps give the sugar balance blackmores chemist warehouse a visit after all.

Is this Sugar balance real or fake? Wait for it because a handful of sugar balance reviews also claims positive experience with Sugar balance triple leaf tea and juices. Watch out for these Sugar Balance scam alerts because these are not the doctor-formulated Sugar balance for diabetes.

Furthermore, there are several critical factors to consider when it comes to finding the right sugar balance supplement. Is sugar balance legit? Does Sugar balance work? We’ll have to know about the manufacturer, the creator, and the retailer selling the supplement. But, yes the sugar balance herbal supplements have been helping thousands of people and they will work for you too.

To people who are serious about managing sugar levels and diabetes but can’t get an honest review on Sugar balance – this is the all-in-one review research. Read on to the truth, facts, and fiction on the Sugar balance supplement. What is the main difference between sugar balance Dr. David Pearson and Blackmores sugar balance? Get to know about the pros and cons attached to each of these sugar balance tablets and make your final decision.

What is Sugar Balance Supplement?

Sugar Balance is an all-natural dietary supplement that regulates sugar metabolism and treats diabetes by addressing severe medical conditions. It is a doctor-formulated herbal supplement and the main aim of Dr. David Pearson, the founder of the formula was to provide people the chance to maintain the healthy sugar balance in the body without the use of any harmful chemicals.

This is the latest Sugar balance review that is not like any you have ever read or come across. Several supplements are marketed with a similar claim as sugar balance but none proved to be as efficient as Sugar Balance Dr. David Pearson supplements. What makes the supplement effective in treating diabetes is the advanced formulation of the premium herbs and ingredients. Apart from this, it is the single best herbal supplement that adheres strictly to the quality and is highly endorsed among the diabetes community and associations.

So, what is Sugar balance herbal supplement? It is a doctor-formulated dietary supplement that maintains the sugar balance in the human body and prevents diabetes. Is Sugar balance effective? You will understand it’s efficiency when you know about the sugar balance herbal supplement ingredients and how it works.

Ingredients in Sugar Balance

What separates Sugar Balance from other similar supplements for blood sugar control is that Sugar Balance uses several ingredients clinically studied and proven to help lower blood sugar levels. It was according to the official website, formulated by Dr. David Pearson, an Epidemiologist with almost 30 years of experience researching all diabetic conditions and a well-respected doctor. He has worked with a team of experts to find the very best natural herbal extracts that are both safe and effective in lowering blood sugar levels. His work led to the formulation of Sugar Balance, which includes ingredients:

Gymnema Sylvestre:

Native to India and parts of Africa, Gymnema has been shown to rejuvenate pancreas health by helping with the product on islet cells. This directly helps support the production of insulin. It’s why Gymnema is added to almost every supplement dedicated to blood sugar control.

Balloon Flower Root: 

Balloon flower root has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, provides pain relief, and may have numerous cardiovascular benefits. Some studies suggest it can help fight weight gain and may even support weight loss.

Licorice Root Extract:

Studies have found that licorice root extract has powerful anti-inflammatory benefits and aids in digestion by supporting liver cells’ health. It is also said to help with fat loss and may cause weight loss.

Astragalus Root Extract:

Astragalus root has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Several human studies have found that supplementation with astragalus can help decrease blood sugar levels and improve sugar metabolism. Many participants also lose weight as well.

Wild Yam Root:

Wild Yam Root contains a chemical called Dioscoretine, which helps your body regulate blood glucose levels and a hypoglycemic helpful agent for treating diabetes mellitus. It also may help women produce more estrogen, and its’ strong anti-inflammatory properties may help those with arthritis as well.

Schisandra Extract:

Schisandra is a unique plant in that its berries taste bitter, sweet, salty, and sour all at once. It is primarily native to China and contains a group of compounds known as lignans. Studies have found lignans can boost immunity to prevent sickness and are suitable for the body’s overall health.

Solomon’s Seal Extract: 

Solomon’s seal is considered a “healing plant” because of its rich concentration of anti-inflammatory polyphenol compounds. It may help to improve sugar metabolism and help control some of the complications commonly associated with diabetes.

Lyceum Chinese Fruit Extract:

Also known as boxthorn, this fruit has been used for its’ anti-diabetic effects for centuries. It also may help lower blood pressure and reduce the length of sickness. Several studies have shown that it can help the body generate more “transporters” to carry sugar from the blood to the cells in your organs.

Chromium Picolinate:

Chromium picolinate helps the pancreas control insulin production and is widely known as one of the best fat burners. Studies have shown that chromium can reduce insulin resistance in adults with type 2 diabetes as well.

Juniper Berry: 

Juniper berries are among the most effective natural herbal extracts for lowering blood sugar levels. Some studies have found juniper can lower blood sugar too much. This is why Sugar Balance was formulated correctly with a lower dose to prevent blood sugar levels from dropping too far.

Mulberry Leaf Extract:

Mulberry leaf extract provides immunity support, can reduce joint pain related to inflammation, and may support better blood sugar control. It seems especially effective at controlling fasting blood sugar levels as well.


Does Sugar Balance Work?

The biggest question that needs to be answered is – does Sugar Balance work? Let’s take a look at what science says:

In 2012, German researchers dubbed licorice root extract “the medicinal plant of 2012.” They discovered that Amorfrutins found licorice root could reduce blood sugar levels by binding to a nuclear receptor called PParY. This receptor plays a vital role in fat and glucose metabolism, and activating these receptors reduces blood sugar levels by 15%.

Several studies have found that Gymnema can reduce sugar cravings, potentially reducing the risk for massive blood sugar spikes. Also, various studies have found that 200-400mg of gymnemic acid could reduce the sugar glucose’s intestinal absorption.

Juniper berry is another potent extract backed by several studies. One study found that juniper could reduce blood sugar spikes by nearly 37% and balance blood sugar levels after eating.

The bottom line is that Sugar Balance contains several ingredients backed by actual clinical research. All of the ingredients found in Sugar Balance play an important role in balancing your blood sugar levels and preventing blood sugar spikes. Plus, thousands of testimonials from real users worldwide confirm that Sugar Balance did indeed work.

But, Sugar Balance supplement tops the list as it meets more than safety-regulations and quality standards. In fact, Dr. David Pearson sugar balance is formulated by the doctor himself. Over the years the ingredients have been medically researched and clinically tested to assist healthy sugar level metabolism.

Get Sugar Balance Now

This Miracle Sugar Balance Supplement Will Treat The Root Cause Of Diabetes in Just Days!

How Sugar Balance Works

Sugar balance formula targets one of the root causes of diabetes and restores the healthy metabolism of blood sugar levels in the body naturally. It is not a magical pill but rather a very holistic approach to regulating the sugar levels and glucose in the blood. To the point, the supplement addresses fatty liver by minimizing the accumulated fatty acids that develop around the liver.

The fat accumulation in the liver is the number one reason that causes imbalance in the whole internal system including the excess insulin discharge from the pancreas. Due to the development of fatty acids surrounding the liver, the extra insulin gets stuck inside and this eventually leads to other severe medical concerns such as high blood pressure and chronic heart attack.

As such, it is the liver that the sugar balance supplement targets and detoxifies. A healthy liver means clear blood flow and enhanced pancreatic function which assists in maintaining a healthy blood sugar balance.

Sugar Balance Benefits

Sugar balance supplements help in maintaining blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes. However, several experts pointed out in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans that dietary sugar balance supplements certainly have added benefits other than diabetes

Is sugar balance any good? Here are some of the over-the-counter benefits of taking Sugar Balance supplements.

  • Normalize secretion and production of insulin: If you have read the above section on how Sugar balance supplements work, you must know that it enhances the pancreatic function. But the best part regulates insulin secretion and excess production, which significantly assists in regulating the blood sugar level.
  • Stabilizes blood: A steady flow of blood is highly crucial for the supply of energy and to reduce the risks of diabetes. The premium herbal ingredients in Sugar Balance pills helps in stabilizing the blood sugar level.
  • Promote healthy glucose level: Studies show that the key to maintaining healthy glucose level is to manage insulin production and sugar balance supplement does just that upon consumption.
  • Optimize Weight levels: Optimizing weight is perhaps the best advantage of Sugar balance supplement. The supplement provides the scope of healthy weight management by boosting the immune system and by stimulating the flow of blow and regulating the glucose level.
  • Replenish Vital Nutritients: The Sugar Balance blend of premium herbal ingredients provides nutrients and micro vitamin, essential in maintaining the energy level.

Get Sugar Balance Now

This Miracle Sugar Balance Supplement Will Treat The Root Cause Of Diabetes in Just Days!


Sugar Balance Customer Reviews and Ratings

We share experiences and customer insights that really moves us. Here we present the top three helpful customer reviews and ratings on Sugar balance diabetes supplement that explains it all-

Sugar Balance Side Effects

Medical experts have extensively reviewed sugar Balance, and all the ingredients have passed clinical trials. That means the supplement adheres to quality and safety standards. It’s been more than seven years, and there must be something that points out to the Sugar balance herbal supplement side effects.

But surprisingly, the Sugar Balance report is still clean and clear from any statements of side-effects. Also, sugar balance capsules are vegan and formulated with vegetable ingredients. Although there are no reported sugar balance side effects, you must check the full list of ingredients to stay on the safer side.

If you are suffering from high-risk medical concerns, it is recommended to consult with your doctor before taking the supplement. As per the manufacturer, you must take the supplement’s required dosage as directed – nothing more or less than the instruction. Is sugar balance safe to take? Jump to the FAQ section.

Sugar Balance Pros and Cons

Understandably, the right supplement makes a big difference in overall health condition. And most people would undoubtedly prefer a one-size-fits-all dietary supplement that regulates the blood sugar level, keeps the glucose under check, lets you eat holiday delights with sugar in abandon, and feels as if there’s nothing to stress about.

Unfortunately, that magic pill or potion doesn’t exist. Is sugar balance good for you? Choosing the right sugar supplement requires work and a clear idea of what to look for in a high-quality diabetes supplement.

Generally speaking, a good quality diabetes supplement features the brand’s authenticity and goodwill with a transparent refundable policy. But certain features give the supplement a competitive advantage over others. You can understand how the supplement compares with other generic by going through the pros and cons of Sugar Balance.

Pros of Sugar Balance:

  • Sugar balance botanical blend is formulated with 100 percent natural ingredients
  • All ingredients clinically tested in FDA certified, and GMP approved facility
  • Assists in providing sugar balance and metabolism treat diabetes naturally
  • Builds the immune system
  • Sugar balance for fatty liver is highly efficient. Healthy weight loss and weight management
  • Supplies energy to the cells
  • Proven research based on the performance and efficacy of the supplement
  • 400,000+ people obtained a positive outcome in treating diabetes
  • No reported side effects
  • Risk-free with the transparent refund policy
  • 100% money-back guarantee offer
  • Cost-effective and affordable

Cons of Sugar Balance:

  • Not recommended for pregnant women or those breastfeeding
  • More than the adequate dosage is not suitable
  • Sugar Balance is only available online and not from stores


Sugar Balance is priced at $49 to $69 per bottle, depending on how many bottles you order:

1 Bottle Sugar Balance $69

3 Bottles Sugar Balance $177

6 Bottles Sugar Balance $294

All prices include shipping to the United States.

Sugar Balance Refund Policy

Sugar Balance comes with a 180-day refund policy.

You can request a complete refund within 180 days of your original purchase date.

If Sugar Balance does not permanently reverse your type 2 diabetes and help you stop taking your insulin medication within the first 6 months, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

Where to Buy Sugar Balance?

Now comes the most critical question – where to get sugar balance? Currently, BuyGoods is the sole retailer of the supplement, and it is manufactured exclusively by Natures Formula.

The original Sugar Balance Buygoods supplement is only available from the retailer’s and manufacturer’s website. Please be cautious when making your purchase, as it is easy to misinterpret the supplement with other sugar balance supplements.

If you search for sugar balance near me, you will be overwhelmed with hundreds of options. You can find sugar balance for sale at several eCommerce websites, but Natures Formula does not manufacture those. Avoid getting ripped off by only shopping from the official website.

If you are yet confused, then jump to the FAQs on the Sugar Balance section and learn who sells sugar balance, who makes the supplement and how to make sure that it’s a sugar balance real or scam product.

Final Verdict

We considered batches of diabetes supplements touted by reviewers, bloggers, and medical publications. We also window-shopped on several retailer sites before settling on the final sugar balance supplement review research for this year. Ultimately, we landed with Sugar balance by proven health as that we think is safe, adequate to the founder’s promise and claims.

That’s not to say other dietary supplements are low options. And there are still more supplements we have yet to get our hands-on. Even the ones that we dismissed, such as Sugar balance amazon supplements, may very well work and improving the blood sugar level in one way or another. The only way to know for sure is to try them on, but not all comes with the definite money-back guarantee as Sugar balance. And, admittedly, you can never go wrong with the risk-free refundable policy from the official retailer and the manufacturer.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Sugar Balance Supplement

  • What is Sugar Balance used for?

Several health professionals recommend Sugar balance tablets for different health concerns. But the supplement is mainly used for balancing the blood sugar level, regulate insulin production, and treat diabetes healthily and naturally.

  • Does Sugar Balance work?

Sugar balance is a highly-acclaimed diabetes supplement that is popular all across the world. From Europe, Western territories, the Middle East to South Africa – supplement has helped millions in reversing type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, the sugar balance tablets review from medical archives illustrates that the supplement is beneficial for healthy sugar balance. So, yes, Sugar Balance works, and the best part is it is a 100% refundable supplement.

  • Is sugar balance good for diabetes?

Evidently enough, Sugar balance is good for diabetes. Several sugar balance reviews illustrate it as a 2-in-1 supplement that prevents diabetes and provides the nutrients essential for health. The supplement treats the underlying root causes of irregular blood sugar levels and diabetes. It removes fat accumulation, stabilizes the flow of blood, and enhances healthy sugar level metabolism. We have explained how good is Sugar balance and its efficiency in treating diabetes in the above research section. Please give it a read to understand in-depth about the supplement.

  • Can you balance sugar intake?

Understandably, it is difficult to curb sugar cravings, and the problem is more severe among people with type diabetes symptoms. But sugar balance supplements help balance blood sugar levels and help maintain healthy blood glucose metabolism. To understand more about how to balance the sugar level in the body with the natural supplement, please read the working process of Sugar balance supplements.

  • Is sugar balance good or bad?

Sugar balance for diabetes reviews illustrates a good supplement for glucose metabolism and in treating diabetes. To understand the supplement’s efficiency, you must learn why is blood sugar balance important and how Sugar balance helps maintain a healthy blood glucose level. This, we have already shared in the above research paper. As for further insights, you may check the sugar balance video on how it works.

  • Is sugar balance safe?

Sugar balance herbal supplement is formulated with clinically-tested ingredients that are 100% safe for consumption. Each sugar balance capsule is vegetarian and halal.

  • Is sugar balance FDA approved?

Note that sugar balance is crafted in FDA approved GMP facility that adheres to the quality measures and strict protocols.

  • Is sugar balance legitimate?

Yes, Sugar balance is a legitimate dietary supplement formulated by Dr. David Pearson and manufactured exclusively by the wellness lab Natures Formula.

  • Where is Sugar Balance Sold?

Sugar Balance is a popular supplement that is sold worldwide. You can get sugar balance in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, and worldwide. But, recently, we came across some complaints on Sugar Balance Singapore customer base, and it was mainly on the delay of shipment due to COVID-19 restrictions. Note that there’s always a demand for the supplement, and the stock runs out very quickly. In this case, it’s best to call the sugar balance customer service directly.

  • What store sells Sugar Balance?

You cannot get sugar balance in stores. Sugar balance by proven health is not available for purchase in stores or anywhere other than the manufacturer’s website.

  • Can you buy Sugar Balance at Walmart?

No, you cannot buy Dr. David Pearson’s formulated Sugar balance herbal supplement at Walmart.

  • Can you get Sugar balance at Walgreens?

Sugar balance in stores is not the authentic supplement. We do not recommend buying sugar balance anywhere else other than the official website.

  • Is Sugar balance a good product?

As per Sugar balance ratings and hundreds of reviews on the supplement, it is a good product. The efficiency of sugar supplement for type 2 diabetes is thoroughly researched and endorsed by medical experts. Consumers taking the supplement gave positive feedbacks and there are several reasons why Sugar balance is better when compared to over-the-counter diabetes supplements and medications. You can find in detail by reading the pros and cons of Sugar Balance that is provided in the paper.

  • What is Sugar balance good for?

Sugar balance is good for maintaining healthy blood sugar metabolism and for preventing diabetes. The efficiency of the Sugar balance for diabetes is thoroughly reviewed and researched by medical experts. The supplement is also beneficial for looking for an all-natural and clinically proven supplement that provides a pragmatic approach to treating types two diabetes.

  • Who makes Sugar balance?

Sugar balance formula is created by the board-certified epidemiologist Dr. David Pearson, and it is exclusively manufactured by Nature’s Formula- a wellness medical lab.

  • Where can I find Sugar balance?

You can find the supplement from the official Sugar balance website. Note that BuyGoods is the supplement’s retailer, and it is only available from the manufacturer’s website.

  • How can I contact them?

Sugar balance customer support phone number is 1-866-460-6008. 

Please note that the Natures Formula phone number is 1-866-460-6004. Email- [email protected].

Get Sugar Balance Now

This Miracle Sugar Balance Supplement Will Treat The Root Cause Of Diabetes in Just Days!

Along with this powerful natural supplement, if you also employ healthy habits, you can reverse your diabetes within weeks. We have another article on the website which can help put you on the path to freedom from diabetes. You can read it here


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