December 3, 2021 2:20 am

Michelle Adam

Clary sage has been proven to be beneficial for the overall health of women, including hormones. It has many uses and benefits. This article will discuss how to use clary sage oil for hormone balance. Clary sage is an efficient oil that regulates hormones such as estrogen and cortisol. It reduces inflammation. Since clary sage has inflammatory properties, it helps for menstrual cramps and hormonal imbalance symptoms. 

Using clary sage oil for hormone balance 

In using clary sage oil, diluting it in carrier oil is essential. Dilution is important for the following reasons.

  • It slows down the evaporation rate of the essential oil, so the skin has time to absorb the oil.
  • Avoids the essential oil for burning or irritating the skin.

In choosing a carrier oil, a woman should prefer light oils that are easy to absorb, like apricot and almond oils. If a semi-solid oil is used, coconut is highly recommended. Cocoa butter or shea butter are not suggested since they are thick and may interfere with the skin’s ability to absorb essential oils properly. 

It is also a good idea to begin with a low dilution of about 1 or 2%. If there’s no skin irritation, the dilution can go higher. The clary sage oil for hormone balance can be applied and massaged on:

  • Lower abdominal area for menstrual pain
  • Over the kidney area for adrenal support
  • Around the face and neck for hot flashes

Advantages of using clary sage oil for hormonal balance 

Clary sage oil has many benefits for hormonal balance.

It helps with menstrual cramps 

Clary sage is excellent in relieving pain during a period. The oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is in the heart of the cramps since it’s linked to excess levels of pro-inflammatory prostaglandin. Prostaglandin is a hormone that causes uterine contractions. 

In addition, clay sage is also helpful in menstrual cramps since it improves circulation. The oil can open and relax the blood vessels. With this, more blood will flow to the uterus that can lower the pain. 

Reduces stress and cortisol levels 

High cortisol and stress levels can throw off insulin levels which may disrupt fertility, lead to irregular periods, increase adrenal fatigue, speed up weight gain, and more. The study reveals that inhaling clary sage can lead to a 36% reduction of cortisol levels. Other reports stated that it also makes sense of ease, improves confidence, and reduces depression and anxiety. 

Estrogen regulation 

Clary sage is also known for regulating estrogen levels. It can support a woman’s overall health. If a woman is struggling with PMS, she can use clary sage. It also helps with menopause-related symptoms and irregular cycles. 

Relieves insomnia 

Poor sleep quality and insomnia are among the most common hormonal imbalance symptoms. Clary sage has a natural sedative and calming effect, making it helpful with insomnia. 

High cortisol can cause insomnia. Clary sage can lower cortisol levels. It induces relaxation that can improve the quality of sleep.

Promotes healthy thyroid function 

Since clary sage is excellent in reducing cortisol and stress levels, it can also support the thyroid. Thyroid and adrenal glands (creates cortisol) balance each other. It means:

  • If thyroid function increases, adrenal function decreases
  • If adrenal function increases (produces a lot of cortisol), thyroid function decreases

With clary sage, the production of cortisol will be reduced, so the adrenals are not working hard. It also helps to boost thyroid function. 

Promotes healthy digestion 

A woman who has a healthy digestive system can absorb more hormone-balancing nutrients from her diet. With this, the body can quickly remove toxic hormone disruptors before they accumulate in the system. 

Clary sage is also efficient in releasing bile and gastric juices. It can lead to less cramping and bloating. Bile can help to break down fats. It matters for hormone balance since different hormones like adrenal and sex hormones are produced from the fat absorbed from food. 

Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails 

Hormonal imbalances can lead to dry and thinning skin, hair or nails. Clary sage can help with these three since it:

  • Regulates natural scalp oil production and promotes a healthy scalp.
  • It can nourish the nails and cuticles.
  • Balances sebum production on the skin based on specific needs. With this, clary sage can be used in both oily and dry skin. 

The clary sage also contains an ingredient known as linalyl acetate, which is anti-inflammatory. It helps with acne and other inflammatory conditions on the skin. It can also kill infections and bacteria. It also fights leukemia. 


To sum it up, no matter the symptoms or age, clary sage is an essential oil that can address different hormone-related problems. It is also beneficial for women’s health. Meanwhile, it is best, to begin with a lower dilution of clary sage oil. Clary sage has many uses. It is effective for antimicrobial skin protection, health, and stress relief. 

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