May 13, 2021 3:30 pm

Michelle Adam

Diet To Reverse Pre-Diabetes

You know when your skin peels off accidentally and it hurts so bad. But then you describe it to others and it comes across as nothing but a small scar. And you end up looking like a crybaby.

That’s what pre-diabetes is in a figurative sense.

 Pre-diabetes is a condition of having your blood sugar is higher than the normal range but not high enough to be considered type 2 diabetes. It is characterized by abnormally high blood sugar(glucose) resulting from insulin resistance. This is a state where your body doesn’t use insulin properly.

Pre-diabetes basically means that you’re on the verge of developing type 2 diabetes and the possibility of developing cardiovascular disease.

But here’s good news. You can reverse pre-diabetes simply by incorporating a healthy diet. With one magical diet, which we will get back into a minute, you can get back to a healthy status.

What does diet have to do with pre-diabetes ?

One of the main causes of pre-diabetes is a diet high in processed food which includes added fats, calories, and sugars without nutritional value. 

During prediabetes, sugar from foods begins to get collected in your bloodstream as insulin can’t easily move into your cells.

As a larger segment of the population is in love with carbohydrates, consuming food loaded with refined and processed carbohydrates which are easily digestible can result in an increase in blood sugar level.

Therefore incorporating a healthy diet is essential and can aid in restoring normal blood sugar levels. By consuming a low fat and low-calorie diet, you can reverse pre-diabetes and prevent the possibility of type 2 diabetes.

So diet is a vital aspect when it comes to anyone with prediabetes and even high cholesterol as one can lead to another.

But here’s the deal, there is indeed a magical diet to help undo the effect of prediabetes. And that diet is none-other than the Pre-diabetes Mediterranean diet. 

What is the Pre-diabetes Mediterranean diet?

Pre-diabetes Mediterranean diet is a diet inspired by the consumption pattern of the people residing in Mediterranean regions like Greece, Southern Italy, and Spain. It involves low consumption of meat and dairy foods.

This form of eating pattern is often known to be beneficial for maintaining blood sugar, eventually helping in preventing type 2 diabetes.

Mediterranean diet usually involves:

  • High consumption of nutritious olive oil, seafood, vegetables, legumes, fruits, wholegrain, and nuts. 
  • Minimum intake of red and processed meats, butter, and sweets. 
  • Daily consumption of seafood, poultry, and low-fat dairy.

This diet is known to prevent cardiovascular risk in patients making it appropriate for prediabetes and high cholesterol.

Reasons to choose the Mediterranean diet

1.No issues of calorie counting 

If there’s something that is quite undeniable about the modern diet culture is the issue of calorie counting, which can be quite frustrating. But you don’t have to bother about this with a Mediterranean diet.

Instead of spending time counting numbers, cut off all the bad fats and include fish and poultry into your diet. Replace sugary sweet dessert with fresh fruits and fill in your plate with colorful veggies and beans and you’re good to go.

2.No need to boycott bread

Yup!! You heard that right. Unlike other forms of diet trends, it doesn’t require to forbid bread.

Opt for bread made with whole grains which are full of protein and minerals. You can also have whole grains-based pasta and cereal as a healthy alternative.

3.You’re in for a feast.

Forget the restrictive starving diets which only tempted you to have more. With a prediabetes Mediterranean diet, you can have a whole buffet of foods from diverse cultures and can even customize it as per your taste buds.

You can try recipes from Spain, Turkey, Morocco, and other Mediterranean countries.

What is the prediabetic 7-day meal plan for prediabetes?

A pre-diabetic meal plan is basically incorporating healthy diets for 7days to keep your sugar level in check. This consists of including foods that are low in carbohydrates and take longer to digest, which is helpful in preventing blood sugar from increasing. 

We don’t believe in restricting your taste buds by suggesting a particular recipe as that can be pretty boring. However, it is suggested to consider the following listings while preparing a 7-day meal plan for yourself. 

1. Go all in high fiber sources 

Fibers are known to slow down digestion and keep you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. Slow digestion means that glucose from food will reach your bloodstream at a slow pace, thereby helping prevent sugar spikes.

You can try fiber such as beans and legumes, fruits and vegetables with edible skin, stone-ground whole wheat bread, whole grain such as quinoa and barley, and many more. 

2.Consume lean proteins

Proteins are known to rule the food hierarchy for large benefits. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that they have made their way into the list. 

In contrast to protein higher in saturated fats, lean protein is known to have a cardio-protective effect making it quite preferable for prediabetes and cholesterol.

Lean proteins such as eggs, chicken, greek yogurt, chicken without skins, beans and legumes, soybean products like tofu and tempeh, and turkey without skin are some of the alternatives to choose from.

3.Food with a low glycemic index

Foods rich in glycemic index are known to increase blood sugar levels. These include non-starchy vegetables like carrots and green fields, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, corn, and whole wheat pasta.

A good way to incorporate food with low GI is by consuming mixed meals. If you can, try staying away from refined carbohydrates.

It is also advisable to keep track of your portion size as controlling portion size can help with maintaining low GI.

 Along with that, exercising is advisable as it can have a significant impact on reversing prediabetes. This is because exercise can stimulate your muscle to use glucose for energy and make cells utilize insulin properly.

Wrapping up

Mediterranean diet can really be another shot to a healthy life for reversing prediabetes and enjoying life in general. So, give life a chance by putting in effort from your side.

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