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Michelle Adam

Are you one of those trapped between the decision to eat a snack and looking like a snack? It is time that you discover a diet program that allows you to do both and still manage to lose some pounds.

You may have heard the word keto many times. A keto diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate, and adequate-protein diet that forces the body to burn fats. 

In today’s post, we will do a review of the 8-Week Custom Keto Diet Plan that claims to help you reach your fitness goals in just eight weeks. This review aims to present you all the information you need to know about this diet, how it works, pricing, and so much more. 

If you’re ready, then let’s dive in! 

What is Custom Keto Diet Plan?

Custom Keto Diet Plan is a customized ketogenic program allowing its users to lose excessive weight in a reasonable period using a personalized diet plan. One of the best features of this program is that you don’t get those weights backs once you stop using the program.

The diet plan eBook is composed of many fat-burning recipes that will teach you everything on how to eat healthily. It’s worth mentioning as well that the Custom Ketogenic Diet provides you vitamins and minerals to take. You need to consume all of them based on your body needs, especially in terms of the activity, you do in your daily life. 

The keto-based diet plan was designed by the famous nutritionist Rachel Roberts, a program that helps you find the best eating plan for your eating preferences and goals. The program mainly revolves around mouth-watering treats but does not make you feel as if you are starving or need to give up most of your all-time favorite foods. 

How Does it Work?

As mentioned earlier, the Ketogenic Diet is a process when the body utilizes its stored fat for energy rather than glucose, putting your body in a state of ketosis. Normally, the body’s main source is carbs and fat. Nonetheless, you can easily skip carbohydrates and utilize fat or energy by following the Custom Keto Diet. 

The plan itself works by forcing the body into a state of ketosis. But to enter that state, you need to limit or cut your carb intake to less than fifty grams every day. When the body depletes carbs, it runs out of glucose. Hence, your body switches to fat storage for energy.

Who Created Custom Keto Diet Plan?

Rachel Roberts is the creator of the Custom Keto Diet Plan. In case you didn’t know, she’s a certified bodybuilder and nutritionist. She designed the program after having a difficult time with weight and health problems. 

Her goal is to create a diet system ideal for everybody and without any exceptions. Roberts strives to make sure it is cost-efficient, convenient, and people will love it. She also collaborates with a personal trainer, nutritionists, and chefs to come up with the best diet plan. 

What’s Included in the Custom Keto Diet Plan? 

Below is a list of all the downloading things you will receive once you decide to get the Custom Keto Diet Plan:

  • Keto Savory Foods
  • Keto Peanut Butter Keto Treats
  • Keto Party Snacks
  • Keto Superfood Smoothies
  • Keto Fast Recipes
  • Keto Desserts
  • Keto Cookies
  • Keto Chocolate Treats
  • Keto Fat Bombs
  • Keto Bacon Recipes
  • Keto Avocado Recipes
  • Your Custom Keto Diet
  • Keto 101: Video and eBook 

Will You Get Side Effects?

Please note that you will find a few temporary side effects once you start following the keto diet. That’s widely known as the keto flu. The symptoms could range from a mild headache to a stomachache. You will experience them as your body adapts to ketosis.

Fortunately, not all people experience it, and it could last for at least a few days only. 

Our Custom Keto Diet Plan Reviews

Here are some of the good things we’d like to share about the Custom Keto Diet Plan that you should know as well:

  • Allows you to eat fast food restaurants

Are you getting a hectic schedule at work and cannot cook at home? The Custom Keto Diet Plan offers keto-friendly quick meal options! That includes places such as Subway, Wendy, McDonald’s, In & Out Burger, KFC, and Burger King. Amazing, right? 

  • Food plans are updated

It’s worth mentioning as well that the meal plan works via algorithms. Hence, it will be easily recalculated automatically if you like to alter anything in your program. 

  • Perform intermittent fasting

This is our favorite. Did you know you can do intermittent fasting while you are on the keto diet plan? That fasting option is very convenient, especially if you like to skip meals when you are busy. That’s a better way to stick to a rigid plan. 

  • Get immediate access

You will immediately receive a personalized diet plan as soon as you purchase the program and get answers to your commonly asked questions. That indicates you can immediately start the program right away!

  • Completely personalized

As we all know, diet is totally personalized based on a person’s eating preferences, lifestyle, and body shape. Getting the Custom Keto Diet Plan means you’ll eat the foods you like rather than forcing yourself on eating the foods you don’t even like in the first place. 

  • Affordable

At $37 (With a $1 Free Trial for 7 days), Custom Keto Diet is one of the cheapest ones in the market right now. Moreover, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t help you lose weight in the said period. It’s hardly a surprise because following the plan will surely help you reach your fitness goals to some extent.

However, this Custom Keto Diet Review won’t be complete without drawbacks. First, it might be challenging at first. You may find it challenging from the start, especially if you love sugars and carbs. Take note that the keto diet needs adjustment for most. Unluckily, not everything is ready to go.

Further, there’s the keto flu. Some users experience it as their bodies adjust to the new diet. Symptoms could be anything from a stomachache to a mild headache that could last up to a maximum of few days. 

What Is Custom Keto Diet? Is It Genuine?

Custom Keto Diet is a keto-based diet plan by famous nutritionist Rachel Roberts. The diet plan is comprehensive and contains an array of bonus readers apart from the customized diet plan.

You’ll find a lot of supplementary readers that provide essential information that keeps you motivated. Moreover, the diet contains a set of videos to help you with the exercises to reach higher fitness goals.

But that’s not it. The plan also has a customizable list of meal plans and grocery lists. You can choose from a host of ingredients and recipes as per your liking.

Just understand the process, stock the products, and make delicious meals besides losing weight. But since we can’t go into detail of each recipe and the whole plan, we need something to put our trust in.

So, we researched a bit about Rachel Roberts and found some credible pieces of information. Rachel Roberts is a well-known dietician and fitness expert. 

Since she struggled with stubborn body fat for a long time, we can trust her first-hand experience. Indeed she tried and tested a large number of diet plans before creating this one.

The issue with her and most of us is that we don’t stick to one plan. Moreover, a lot of times, we choose generalized plans that are kind of a hit and miss.

You never know what works for you. And spending money and personal dieticians can become cumbersome in your pocket quickly.

Rachel thus made an affordable diet plan that caters to all. She has compiled recipes that contain a variety of readily available ingredients that you can make at home.

Moreover, she has put in other recipes to ensure you only get what you need from the diet plan. You won’t need to switch away from this diet plan because it is so flexible.

The plan helped Rachel lose a lot of weight, and more importantly, she learned to get into a healthy lifestyle the easy way.

Click here to Check out the Custom Keto Diet on the Official Website.

Final Thoughts

We hope you find this Custom Keto Diet Plan reviews. What are your thoughts? Share your comments with us by leaving your comments below. 

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